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JAnalytics iOS

Modular Jiguang Developer SDK

The Jiguang Developer Service SDK adopts a modular usage model, namely a core (JCore)+N service (JPush,JAnalytics,...), which allows developers to use a single service or multiple services, which greatly optimizes the duplication of functional modules when multiple modules are used simultaneously. As shown below:


Reporting Strategy

The JAnalytics iOS SDK adopts a strategy of separating data records from data reporting. The data is recorded in real time and reported in accordance with the reporting strategy.

  • Open application reporting

  • Close application reporting

Remarks: In the event of an extreme situation leading to unsuccessful data reporting, the data will not be cleared, but wait to be triggered by the next reporting strategy and then report.

Package Description

  • janalytics-ios-x.x.x.a static library

  • jcore-ios-x.x.x.a static library

  • header file of statistics portal JANALYTICSService.h

  • header file of statistics event object file JANALYTICSEventObject.h

  • a complete iOS Demo project that demonstrates the basic usage of the JAnalytics SDK and can be used as a reference.

Integration Approach

The current SDK only supports iOS 7 or later mobile phone systems. Reference: Integration Guide of JAnalytics iOS SDK

Interface Description

Reference: JAnalytics iOS API

Technical Support

When a problem occurs:

  • Please read the documentation carefully to see if there are any omissions.

  • Send an email to our support: support@jiguang.cn

In order to solve the problem more quickly, please provide the following information when seeking help:

  • Provide appkey

  • If it is a SDK issue, please provide the corresponding SDK version and complete logging

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