Product Introduction of JAnalytics

Aiming to provide more comprehensive developer services, Jiguang combines with richer features by utilizing JPush's data and network advantages to launch JAnalytics. JAnalytics is an independent statistical SDK that allows developers to integrate more easily without relying on JPush. Through simple and intuitive data reports, developers can understand the user's attributes and usage, optimize user experience, and provide effective data support for enterprise decision-making.

Template Events

JAnalytics SDK provides rich template events for developers, so that developers do not have to rack their brains to construct template attributes, and they can see more detailed data reports based on corresponding template events. Current template events supported by JAnalytics include, purchase, content browsing, registration, login.

Custom Events

JAnalytics SDK not only provides template-type events, but also provides two types of custom events, custom calculation events, and custom count events, which enable developers to implement statistics for triggers and values of simple events that are not included in template events through custom events.

Page Statistics

In order to allow developers to better understand the user's usage habits, and determine whether the page after the software revision meets the user's expectations, JAnalytics SDK provides an interface for page statistics. Developers only need to use the life cycle callback of the corresponding page to view the corresponding page statistics in the Jiguang Web Portal and view the results of the previous work. This data can also be used to provide more reasonable suggestions for the next development.

Quick Start

  • If you are using Jiguang products for developers for the first time

    • Enter Jiguang official website to register a developer account;
    • Enter the console, create an application and get Appkey (the SDK and the server identify each other through Appkey);
    • Download the SDK and complete the JAnalytics SDK integration and run the application with the help of the Integration Guide.
  • If you are already an Jiguang developer

    • Add the JAnalytics SDK to the original application, and get the Appkey on the setting page of application that needs to add the function;
    • Download the SDK and complete the JAnalytics SDK integration and run the application with the help of the Integration Guide.

Technical Support

When a problem occurs:

  • Please read the documentation carefully to see if there are any omissions.
  • Send an email to us:

In order to solve the problem more quickly, please provide the following information when seeking help:

  • Provide appkey
  • If it is a SDK issue, please provide the corresponding SDK version and complete logging

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