Definition of IM SDK ErrorCode

ErrorCodes in the following list may appear during the SDK call. The list below is for reference.

JMessage Android

Error codes only appear in the Android SDK

Code Error Message Instruction
0 Success success
871101 Invalid request parameters. The request parameter is illegal
871102 Request failed.please check your network connection. Request failed. Please check the network
871103 Server returned an unexpected error code. Server internal error
871104 Server internal error. Server internal error
871105 User info not found. Requested user information does not exist
871201 Get response timeout,please try again later. Response timeout
871300 Have not logged in. Initiator of api call has not logged in
871301 Invalid parameters. Parameters passed by api call is illegal
871302 Message content exceeds its max length. The body of the sent message is too large. The size of the entire message body cannot exceed 4k.
871303 Invalid username. Username is illegal.
871304 Invalid password. Password is illegal
871305 Invalid name. Name is illegal (including nickname groupname notename)
871306 Invalid input. Other input is illegal
871307 Some user not exists,operate failed. When adding or removing a group member, the user in the incoming member list does not exist
871308 SDK have not init yet. SDK has not been initialized
871309 Attached file not found. The file contained in the message does not exist
871310 Network not available,please check your network connection. The network connection has been disconnected. Please check the network
871311 User avatar not specified. download avatar failed. The user did not set the avatar and the downloading of avatar failed
871312 Create image content failed. Create ImageContent fails
871313 Message parse error,version not match. Message parsing goes wrong, and protocol version number does not match
871314 Message parse error,lack of key parameter. Message parsing goes wrong, and key parameters is missed
871315 Message parse error,check logcat for more information Message parsing goes wrong
871317 Target user cannot be yourself. Target user of the operation cannot be yourself
871318 Illegal message content. Illegal message body. This problem may be caused by the upper layer not obfuscate the configuration according to integration document. About confusion configuration of jmessage, please see Integration Guide.
871319 Create ForwardMessage failed Failed to create forwarding message. See logcat for details
871320 Set message HaveRead status failed. There was a problem when flagging a message as read. It may be that the message is already read, or the message itself is not an accepted message
871321 Get receipt details failed. Failed to get unreceipted details. Only the sender of the message can query the unreceipted details of the message
871322 Get receipt details failed. Failed to get unreceipted details means that this message has not been sent successfully. Only the message has sent successfully can query the unreceipted details.
871323 Chatroom not exist. The requested chat room information was not found. The chat room does not exist
871324 Illegal message content type, when send message. The message body type is illegal when sending a message. Note that the message body of eventNotification and prompt cannot be sent
871402 Upload file failed.auth error. Uploading file fails
871403 Upload file failed. Uploading file fails
871404 Download file failed. Downloading file failed.
871501 Push register error,appkey and appid not match. Appkey does not match package name or token is invalid
871502 Push register error,invalid appkey. appKey is invalid. Please check the appKey configuration in AndroidManifest.xml, which must be created from the JPush console.
871503 Push register error,appkey not matches platform appKey does not match the platform. It is possible that on the JPush console, this appKey is not configured to support the Android platform.
871504 Push register not finished. Push registration is not completed. Please try again later. If this problem persists, your JPush configuration may be incorrect.
871505 Push register error,package not exists. Push registration fails, and the corresponding package name does not exist on the console.
871506 Push register error,invalid IMEI. Push registration fails and device IMEI is invalid

If the corresponding error code is not found in the above list, you can view the Server Error Code

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