Definition of IM SDK ErrorCode

The ErrorCode in the following list may appear during the call of SDK. The list below is for your reference.

JMessage iOS

Error codes that only appear in the iOS SDK

Code Error Message Instructions
860015 Network downloading media failed. Failed to download media file.
860018 Network uploading media failed Failed tot upload media file.
860020 Getting upload token failed Failed to get media file upload token
860021 Network result is invalid Data returned from the server is not expected.
861004 DB Migrating failed Failed to update SDK database
861100 Appkey is invalid Appkey is illegal
861101 Internal param check failure Internal parameter verification goes wrong
863001 Username is invalid Invalid username
863002 Password is invalid Invalid password
863004 User is not at Login state User is not logged in
863005 Request number over flow The number of requesting users exceeds the limit (the maximum number of single request is 500 currently)
863006 User repeat Login fault Repeated login error
863007 User is logouting The user is exiting
863008 Add friend fault Failed to add friends
863009 Delete friend fault Failed to delete friend
864001 It is not a media message Not a media message
864002 Media resource is missing Miss media resources unexpectedly
864003 Media crc32 code is invalid Invalid media CRC code
864004 Media crc check failure Failed to vertify media CRC
864005 Uploading media file is empty Uploaded media file was accidentally lost
864007 Media Hash value verify failure Failed to text Media file Hash
865001 Message content is invalid Invalid message content
865002 Message is nil Message is empty
865003 Message is not prepared for sending Message did not meet the conditions for sending
865004 You are not in the group for sending message You are not a group member who sent a group chat message
866001 Unknown conversation type Unknown session type
866002 Conversation username is invalid Invalid username of single chat session
866003 Conversation groupId is invalid Invalid conversation ID of group chat
867001 GroupId is invalid Invalid group ID
867002 Group fields are invalid Invalid group field
868001 ChatRoom not support Chat room is not supported
868002 ChatRoom not exist Chat room does not exist
869999 Unknown SDK error Unknown SDK error code

If the corresponding error code is not found in the above list, check the Server Error Code

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