Definition of IM Web ErrorCode

The ErrorCode in the following list may appear during the SDK's call. Below is for your reference.

JMessage Web

Error codes only appear in the Web SDK.

Code Error Message DESCRIPTION
0 success Successful
880001 missing error Unknown error code
880002 invalid parameter The parameter is illegal
880003 invalid value Illegal content format
880004 invalid type Illegal content format
880005 file not exist File does not exist
880006 login out before register Sign out before registering
880007 register limit Limited registration
880008 msg_id not valid Msg_id is illegal
880101 appkey not exist Appkey does not exist
880102 signatu fail Signature error
880103 user not exist User does not exist
880104 invalid password Wrong password
880106 signatu is expire Signature expired
880107 already login,please login out before login Already logged in
880109 repetitive operation Repeated login operation
880110 multi channel online error,please update your sdk version Multichannel error, please update sdk version
880111 user disabled User is disabled
880203 target user not exist Target user does not exist
880204 target group not exist Target group does not exist
880205 user not in group User not in group
880206 length of message exceed limit Message size exceeds the limit
880207 user in blacklist User in blacklist
880208 message is sensitive Message contains sensitive words
880209 beyond the frequency limit Sending speed exceeds the limit
880210 file size exceed the limit File size exceeds the limit
880212 can not chat while silent Banned
880402 not permitted to create group No permission to create a group
880403 amount of group exceed limit The number of groups reaches the upper limit
880404 length of group name exceed limit Length of group name exceeds the limit, and the creation fails.
880405 length of group desc exceed limit Length of group description exceeds the limit
880602 zero member Target is empty
880604 user not permitted add member to group No permission to add group members
880606 member not permitted added to group There is the user in the member list that has not been added to the group
880607 repeated added Repeatedly added
880608 num exceed limit Quantity exceeds the limit
880609 amount of group exceed member limit There is the user in the member list whose number of group exceeds the limit
880610 user already in the group The user is already in the group
880611 group type not support Group type does not support this operation
880612 this request already process Already processed
880614 no permission No permission to operate
880704 user not permitted delete member of group The user did not have the permission to delete group members
880705 member of group not permitted deleted There is the user in the member list who does not have permission to delete
880903 member not permitted added There is the user in the member list who cannot be added and the addition fails.
880904 repeated added member Repeatedly added
881101 member already set The member is already in the DND status
881102 member never set The member is not in the DND status
881105 group already set The group is already in the DND status
881106 group never set The group is not in the DND status
881107 already set Has set Do-Not-Disturb
881108 never set Not set Do-Not-Disturb
881203 group already set Already set up blocking
881204 group never set Not set up group blocking yet
881302 already is friend Already a friend
881303 user not friend Non-friendship
881304 invalid friend memo Illegal note
881305 Invitation event is not valid Failed to add friends: Invalid invitation event
881401 out of time Exceed the withdrawal time
881402 request user is not message sender The requesting withdraw party is not the sender of the message
881403 request message not exist Message does not exist
881404 message already retract Has been withdrawn already
881501 user not in chatroom The user is not in the chat room
881502 user baned to post The user is forbidden to send messages
881503 chatroom not exist Chat room does not exist
881504 length of chatroom message exceed limit Message length exceeds the limit
881507 member has in the chatroom The user is already in the chat room
881508 amount of member exceed chatroom limit Exceed the number of chat rooms
881509 msg format err Wrong message format
881602 target user not login The target user is not logged in
881604 length of trans cmd exceed limit Message length exceeds the limit
881701 user not admin The user is not a group administrator
882001 server internal error Internal system error
882002 user exit,no such user,password error,uid invalid,gid invalid Depend on the operation
882003 invalid parameter The parameter is illegal
882004 auth fail Invalid authorization
882005 response time out,try again later The system is busy and try again later

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