What to do if the share failed?

In iOS 9/10, you need to add a whitelist that the application can jump to. If no whitelist is configured, the sharing is unsuccessful

Info.plist whitelist in the project can be viewed in: ApplicationQueriesSchemes

Why cannot return to the application after sharing successfully?

URL Types is not configured or the format of URL Schemes is incorrect; see: URL Types Settings

Why there is no statistics after sharing successfully?

Need to call + (BOOL) handleOpenUrl: (NSURL *) url in the - (BOOL) application of the AppDelegate class: (UIApplication) application handleOpenURL: (NSURL) url, otherwise the data after successful sharing cannot be obtained.

Report an error when Weibo logins to authorize:sso package or sign error

View the Bundle ID in the basic information of the Sina Weibo open platform

Set Bundle ID of the project as Bundle ID of the open platform.

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