Definition of JShare SDK ErrorCode

The ErrorCode in the following list may appear during the calling of SDK. Below is for your reference to understand its meaning.

Code Error Message Remarks
40001 appid missing Missing appid parameter
40002 appkey missing Missing appkey parameter
40003 secret missing Missing secret parameter
40004 mediaType missing Missing mediaType parameter
40005 invalid mediaType Invalid mediaType
40006 platform missing Missing platform parameter
40007 invalid platform Invalid platform
40008 SinaRedirectUri missing Missing SinaRedirectUri parameter
40009 not install app Not install the application
40010 unfinished initialization Not initialize
40011 shareParams missing Missing shareParams
41001 text size out of limit Length of text parameter exceeds the limit
41002 image url size out of limit Length of image link field exceeds the limit
41003 image size out of limit Image size exceeds the limit
41004 url size out of limit Url length exceeds the limit
41005 audio url size out of limit Length of audio url exceeds the limit
41006 video url size out of limit Length of video url exceeds the limit
41007 app url size out of limit Length of app url exceeds the limit
41008 app size out of limit App size exceeds the limit
41009 file size out of limit File size exceeds the limit
41010 emotion size out of limit Emotion size exceeds the limit
41011 title size out of limit Title parameter exceeds the limit
41012 description size out of limit Description parameter exceeds the limit
41013 thumb size out of limit Thumbnail parameter exceeds the limit
41014 image is empty Picture parameter is empty
41015 audio url is empty Audio url parameter is empty
41016 video url is empty Video url parameter is empty
41017 app url is empty App url parameter is empty
41018 emotion is empty Emotion parameter is empty
41019 file is empty File parameter is empty
41020 image count out of limit Number of pictures exceeds the limit
41021 url is empty Url parameter is empty
41022 text is empty Text parameter is empty
41023 fileExt size out of limit FileExt exceeds the limit
41024 sinaObjectId size out of limit SinaObjectId exceeds the limit
41025 title is empty Title is empty
41026 invalid url Url is invalid
41027 file not exist File does not exist
41028 text and url size out of limit Length of text and url exceeds limit
41029 can't share image and video together Can't share pictures and videos at the same time
42001 invalid credential Invalid credentials
50001 get access token error Get access token error
50002 share failed Failed to share
50003 get userinfo failed Failed to get user information
50004 auth failed Authorization failed
50005 this platform unsupported authorize Platform does not support authorization
50006 Invalid or expired token Invalid or expired token
50007 Unable to verify your credentials Unable to verify your credentials
50008 Internal error Unknown internal error occurred
50009 Status is a duplicate Content of this status has been released by verified account

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