Product Introduction of JShare

JShare is committed to helping applications to quickly share to mainstream social networking platforms at home and abroad and third-party login capabilities, providing third-party social services such as Sina Weibo, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, and Twitter. SDK package is small, integration cost is low, and SDK for iOS and Android is provided. It also provides statistical functions, to facilitate developers to understand the sharing effect of applications, improve product promotion efficiency and get more users.

Technology Principle of JShare

Currently, the sharing SDK generated by the platform natively is in this form:

However, JShare does not rely on the technology of native SDK and its sharing principle is actually the mutual jump and communication between the two APPs. Using JShare instead of the platform SDK to achieve sharing, the principle is as follows:

Some platforms, such as Sina Weibo, will enter webpage sharing if there is no target app. The JShare SDK follows these steps:

  1. Register Appkey
  2. Configure sharing parameters
  3. Initiate sharing.
  4. Wait for the callback.

Functions and Characteristics

  1. Simple integration Integrate JShare components in minutes, making your app easy to have powerful social features.
  2. Stable and small installation package Does not rely on library package of third-party platform, which greatly reducing the size of the SDK.
  3. Statistical analysis of socialization Complete statistics and analysis background to help developers understand various statistical indicators.
  4. One-click sharing Through components share to social media platforms such as Sina Weibo, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, etc. by one button. Contents include text, pictures, links, audios, videos, documents and expressions.
  5. Third-party login Using accounts of QQ, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Facebook and other social platforms to log in APP is faster.

Integration Process

Create an app on the web console and get Appkey. If you have used JPush before, you can use the old Appkey directly. Integrate client SDK.

For Android developers, please refer to the documentation: Integration Guide of JShare Android SDK For IOS developers, please refer to the documentation: Integration Guide of JShare iOS SDK

Interface Document of JShare Android SDK Interface Document of JShare iOS SDK

Technical Support

When a problem occurs:

In order to solve the problem more quickly, please provide the following information when seeking help:

  • What API interface to use
  • If it is a SDK issue, please provide the corresponding SDK version and complete logging

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