Overview of SMS Verification Code


Jiguang provides developers with SMS verification codes, which mainly include:

  • SMS verification function of SDK to meet SMS verification requirements of App.
  • SMS verification of REST API, mainly to meet access requirements of website and other terminals.

Main Scenarios

  • User registration;
  • Login authentication;
  • Modification of key information;
  • Payment confirmation;
  • Confirmation of the validity of personnel.

Trial Steps

  • Register as an Jiguang developer.
  • Get the AppKey by creating an APP on the Jiguang background (It will be effective if created before).

Recharge and Open

There is no automatic recharging method. If you need to open this interface, please contact: Business Customer Service.


Length Calculation

70 words counts a text message fee. If there are more than 70 words, they will be divided according to each of the 67 words and charged one by one. A single Chinese character, punctuation, and English word are counted as one word.

Integration Guide

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