Overview of Server REST API

JSMS provides REST-compliant HTTP APIs for developers to remotely invoke services provided by JSMS.

At the same time, in order to facilitate developers to use JSMS API easier, a variety of commonly used programming languages (SDKs) are also provided.

Basic Constraints of REST API

  • The API is designed to conform to the HTTP, REST specification. For example: Use the Get method when querying requests, and Use the Post method when submitting requests. If a request is not a corresponding HTTP method, an error will be returned.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the value of called parameter should be transcoded to: UTF-8, URL encoded [^1].

[1]: URL Encoding - WikiPedia Definition

API Resource List

SMS Sending API

Name Resource
Sending SMS with Text Verification Code API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/codes
Sending SMS with Voice Verification Code API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/voice_codes
Verification Code Verifying API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/codes/{msg_id}/valid
Sending Single Template SMS API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/messages
Sending Bulk Template SMS API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/messages/batch

Scheduled SMS API

Name Resource
Single Scheduled SMS Submitting API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/schedule
Scheduled SMS Bulk Submitting API POST https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/schedule/batch
Single Scheduled SMS Modifying API PUT https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/schedule/{schedule_id}
Scheduled SMS Bulk Modifying API PUT https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/schedule/batch/{schedule_id}
Scheduled SMS Querying API GET https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/schedule/{schedule_id}
Scheduled SMS Deleting API DELETE https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/schedule/{schedule_id}

SMS Margin Querying API

Name Resource
Account Margin Querying API GET https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/accounts/dev
Application Margin Querying API GET https://api.sms.jpush.cn/v1/accounts/app

Return Code

If the request fails, the API will return the following return code and description in JSON format

    "error": {
        "code": *****,
        "message": "*****"

Summary of REST API Return Code

200 50000 success Request succeeded
400 50001 missing auth auth is empty
401 50002 auth failed Authentication of Auth failed
400 50003 missing body body is empty
400 50004 missing mobile Phone number is empty
400 50005 missing temp_id Template ID is empty
403 50006 invalid mobile Phone number is invalid
403 50007 invalid body body is invalid
403 50008 no sms code auth Not open SMS service
403 50009 out of freq Send overclocking
403 50010 invalid code Verification code is invalid
403 50011 expired code Verification code expired
403 50012 verified code Verification code has been verified
403 50013 invalid temp_id Template ID is invalid
403 50014 no money SMS to deliver is insufficient
400 50015 missing code Verification code is empty
404 50016 api not found API does not exist
415 50017 media not supported Media type is not supported
405 50018 request method not support Request method is not supported
500 50019 server error Server exception
403 50020 template auditing The template is in auditing
403 50021 template not pass Template failed the auditing.
403 50022 parameters not all replaced Not all parameters in the template are replaced
403 50023 parameters is empty The parameter is empty
403 50024 unsubscribed mobile Phone number has been unsubscribed
403 50025 wrong template type API does not support this template type
403 50026 wrong msg_id msg_id is invalid
403 50027 invalid send_time send_time is empty or before the current time
403 50028 invalid schedule_id schedule_id is invalid
403 50029 wrong schedule status Scheduled SMS has been sent or deleted and cannot be modified
403 50030 recipients is empty Recipients are empty
403 50031 too much recipients Recipients of SMS exceeds 1000
403 50034 repeat send Send repeatedly
403 50035 illegal IP Illegal IP request
403 50036 app in black The application is listed as blacklist
403 50037 has black word SMS content contains sensitive vocabulary
403 50038 invalid code length Length of the voice verification code is wrong
403 50039 invalid code type The voice verification code is wrong. The verification code only supports digital
403 50040 invalid voice language type Broadcast language type of voice verification code is wrong
403 50041 invalid ttl value Validity of verification code is wrong.
403 50042 template is empty Template content is empty
403 50043 template too long The content of template is too long and the length of the signature is limited to 350 characters
403 50044 template parameter invalid Template parameter is invalid
403 50045 remark too long The comment is too long and the length is limited to 500 characters
403 50046 signature not set The application does not set signature. Please set the signature first
403 50047 modify template not allow Only the template that fails the audit is allowed to modify

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