SMS Supplement Service

Provide push supplement service for developers. If the APP side fails to receive the pushed message for a period of time (possibly due to a disconnection, background prohibition, message delay, etc.), the service will supplement the message channel information to user. Give priority to the business of strong demand can reduce the cost of text message expenses to a certain extent, and ensure the final delivery of information.


JPush SMS service has the following advantages:

  • Exclusive access: enjoy independent channels, high speed and stability;
  • Triple play: currently supports the mobile phone users of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, and SMS delivery is delivered in a timely and accurate manner. (Do not support foreign mobile phone numbers temporarily)
  • Speed and stability: strong support of Jiguang’s thousand servers, wide coverage, ultimately increase the efficiency of SMS push;
  • Low cost: The cost of sending text messages is low;
  • Flexibility: Templates and patterns can be customized.

Data Indicators

Delivery speed: cooperation with operators, issuing speed 200/s; Delivery time: The delivery time is controlled by the operator, which is usually a few seconds; SMS content: Content requirements are in line with national regulations; normal marketing information can be sent normally; and mobile phone users can choose whether or not to receive it.

Recharging and Opening

The price of SMS will vary according to the monthly consumption. Please consult the business for the detailed price list. If you want to open an SMS service, please provide relevant registration information to the business and pre-store the fee to the JPush account to open it. Contact Business Opening Service

User Guide

Currently, only API forms provide services. The original APP push function remains unchanged, and only the new SMS interface is added. Reference document: server-sms_message

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